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Seeing as how most of CBS’s new shows premiere in the Fall, there is a good chance that Weatherly will be back on primetime as early as September or October. So NCIS fans, will you be tuning in to the all new show, Bull? Worst case scenario, “Bull” will get a Winter premiere date, which still isn’t too far away. " "Because I wanted to talk to you." There was a disgusted snort. " "I've got a diary written in Braille that I need translated." There was a long silence. **** "Hang up your coat and come to the kitchen," Di Nozzo called. "Sit down, it's time to eat." **** "So, I'll translate this for you and you'll owe me and everyone will be happy," Tony grinned. "You taught the computer to curse in three languages. I'm running the backgrounds on our missing Marine and his honey." "And the Johnson paperwork? " "Sure." He waited for the other man to cross the room, surprised that he recognized the sound of his breathing. " "I've got to finish these backgrounds, but how about over lunch? " "Flirt." Di Nozzo hung up on him and Fornell snorted, shaking his head. Of course, he'd outlasted the last two wives, so there was probably something to that. He just got in a few minutes ago." "How do you know it's not some burglar? Second, I know your car." Fornell stopped in the doorway. Suzie had been giving Tony cooking lessons in exchange for self-defense lessons. Fornell was old-school enough not to coddle him and Tony was overjoyed by that. "I'll start on it tomorrow after I get done torturing Mc Gee about the dictation program that doesn't like my vocabulary." Gibbs chuckled. Anyway, I have a cold case I'm looking at, can I bounce some ideas off of you?

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“My intention was to pick up where we left off and tell the story of Gibbs and where we left him, with the sniper rifle, and set up some of the Parsa/terrorist storyline that is going to follow through this season.” Once it became clear that the actress and show would be parting ways, Glasberg says, “I realized very quickly that we couldn’t [write Ziva out] in one episode — there was no way — and do it properly, and that’s why it turned into a two-parter.We should know when “Bull” is set to premiere by the end of this month. ” According to the network, “Bull” is the name of the lead character in the new drama, which will be played by NCIS star Michael Weatherly. "What do you mean we can't get this translated until next week? "Well, Joanne's out on maternity leave until next week and we don't have another Braille reader so we had to get someone from the Justice Department and he's not available until Tuesday," the man said in a rush. "I'll get it taken care of." He picked up the phone and dialed. We'll make sure it works when there's more ambient noise. You can send someone to pick it up." "Chocolate cake a sufficient payment? You'll just have to owe me one." The smile felt surprisingly nasty and he heard Gibbs swallowing his laughter. "This is urgent." "What do you want me to look for? He sorted through his clothes, feeling for the little studs Abby had helped him put in so that he could match his outfits. There were eyes on them though and Mc Gee wasn't sure how Tony would react to that. Is my tie crooked or is it just my natural good looks? Her name is Suzanne and she doesn't like to get phone calls in the early morning hours. She's supposed to be flying out next weekend to see him." "You talk to her? " "Seems there's been a boatload of mischarged costs from outside vendors. Ziva get your gear." "On it, boss," Tony replied, picking up the phone. Ziva had been uncharacteristically quiet the entire day. Devices and decisions like having them Instant Messaging each other were put together because I to.” As for “hiding” Ziva until midway through Episode 2, “We just wanted the story to build and ramp properly,” he explains.“We wanted to feel Tony’s search appropriately, and the only way you feel that is, for a little while, to have him looking for her.

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