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The latest NBA locker room chatter is that Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving is currently dating Callie Rivers, the daughter of Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers.

She previously dated Dexter Strickland who USED to be good friends with Kyrie, who balled for Duke in his college days.

Looking for places I may have never heard of or would never find as a tourist. Over the past few years Callie has been a very popular lady in the basketball world.Rivers may be playing in his first ever Tobacco Road rivalry tonight, but it’s pretty clear he didn’t want to talk about this awkward predicament with the This is the perfect story for this rivalry and the only question that remains is if she plans on wearing one of those jerseys that is half powder blue and half royal blue.Many know of Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers' son, Austin, who plays for him in L. Callie Rivers, a former volleyball player, is no stranger to the NBA life as well.She has been rumored to have dated NBA All-Stars Kyrie Irving and Paul George, former UNC basketball player Dexter Strickland, and according to Dwain Price of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, was the driving force behind convincing De Andre Jordan to stay with the Clippers.

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