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When we were alone, I spoke his name, telling him mine. I had heard that he is a gossip, a social operator whose calendar is a blur of drinks and dinners with cardinals and archbishops, principessas and personal trainers. We left the sauna and, after further conversation, civil but stilted, went our separate ways. But in Rome these days the topic of gay priests in the upper reaches of the Holy See is hard to avoid.

Supposedly, he loves to dish male colleagues with campy female nicknames. The priest was embarrassed: to have been chanced upon at this place; to have had his small evasions revealed. No, he did not wish to discuss the subject I was interested in. In February of this year, not long before the College of Cardinals gathered in the Sistine Chapel for the conclave to choose the 266th Pope, the largest Italian daily newspaper, reported that a “gay lobby”—a more or less unified cabal of homosexual power brokers—might be operating inside the Vatican.

Revolver is used in good condition, Has orignial bluing but is lightly frecklied throughout, Very good bore.

The gun remains in excellent condition with just a slight edge wear on the muzzl ...

According to the newspaper, the possible existence of this gay lobby was among the many secrets described in a two-volume, 300-page report bound in red and presented to Pope Benedict XVI by three cardinals he had appointed to investigate the affair known as “Vati Leaks.” That scandal, which raised fresh suspicions of endemic corruption within the Curia, had broken the previous year after Paolo Gabriele, the papal butler, made off with some of Benedict’s private papers and leaked them to the press.

Brides across multiple cities are upset and angry after they went to get their wedding gowns only to find the store closed.

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Over 10 million flyers visit i each year, getting information and help on over 700 domestic and international airfields.

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