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We all have those amazing friends who have impeccable style, and my personal style guru is Dina Fierro of eye4style.

I met Dina about four years ago and have been honored to call her a friend, a shopping buddy and a wing woman in all things dating for all that time.

Cold approaches are a valuable skill to learn – and one I highly recommend – but they’re not the only way or even the possible to meet women in a way that feels authentic and utterly effortless. If waiting at home for the universe to drop a woman into your lap worked, we wouldn’t be talking right now. Their lives consist of the same basic cycle of existence: get up, go to work, come home.

From about issue 120 (around 1954/55), current and back issue UK editions were printed with separate covers for Australia and imported by Ayers and James.

What I haven't been fortunate with is my love life, or lack of.

I have reached the age of 34 now, and in many senses I feel quite ancient, and very much ready to move on to the next phase of life – get married, build a family and get on with the journey of life.

I have been told I am good looking (various sources, not just my mum ;p) have a great job (at the cusp of finishing medical training and becoming a fully fledged specialist), and very sensible with money.

Of course i have been in a few relationship, but I have no real baggage.

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