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This time apart will ease the pressure of being together so much.

Life can get complicated, but date night doesn’t have to be!

For some, holding hands even comes *after *a couple's first time in bed—34 percent said they'd wait one or two weeks to engage in that kind of PDA.

People are also introducing their significant others to their friends well before the five-month mark, with 60 percent saying they do so within the first month.

If you're in each other's faces all the time, one of you will eventually need space.

You will find that all of the things that were cute and unique about your love bug are actually aggravating.

That's is also the time when couples change their social media statuses to make their relationships public.

(When your heart is bursting with affection for someone, you want the world to see.)But couples aren't waiting for the ultimate declaration to sleep together: 27 percent wait just a week or two.

Here's why it's important to maintain a social life in the midst of your dating life: Focusing just on your relationship can do more harm than good.

The outbreak soon spread southward, crossing deep into Mississippi and Alabama, and finally reaching Florida in 1947.

They have since migrated northward, reaching from Georgia to South Carolina.

Think about what you will want to do for your evening of cuddling.

The “lovebug” (Figure 1) is a fly in the family Bibionidae that is easily identified by its black, slender body and red thorax.

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