Dating while separated considered cheating

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Obviously, "sexually" refers to physical intercourse. Online flirting and chatting do not involve any type of sex or physical intercourse whatsoever.

Hey folks wanted to see what people's thoughts are on dating people - like me - that are separated?

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While some try to keep the arrangement under wraps, plenty of others are straightforward about it.An affair with someone at work just doesn't happen overnight.Using websites such as (Ok Cupid,, eharmony, etc) and creating a profile that has been created saying you are single and looking for short-term/long-term relationships and casual sex, when in reality you are in a long-term relationship with someone and have been for a year or two.Ninety percent of the time, a person who is having an extra-marital affair cheats with someone with whom he or she is friendly and close with at their job.If it can happen in the White House, it can happen in your house.

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