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A perusal of the Himalayan Art Resources website and other sources demonstrates that Tibet produced a huge array of religious paintings and sculptures over a long span of time.

The introduction of Buddhism and other extraneous cultural patterns on the Tibetan Plateau beginning in the 7th century CE led to a major reordering of its civilization.The bronze is closely related to two important 13th-century sculptures that confirm its identity.First is a heavily published example of Rinchen Pel held in the Musée Guimet, the subject of a broad consensus since Stoddard's recent research, which contends that it was made in the early 13th century, situating it either within or shortly after the subject's lifetime (see Czaja & Proser (eds), , New York, 2014, pp.68-9, no.1).Singing bowls are made from a high-tin bronze alloy.This special alloy is made from 77-78% copper, 22-23% tin.

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