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Using great storytelling, beautiful design and 21st century technology, the King Richard III Visitor Centre tells the fascinating and moving story of the life, death and discovery of King Richard III.The visitor centre stands on the site of the medieval friary of the Grey Friars, where the king’s remains were buried over 500 years ago.The ultrasound will almost always be done through the belly, allowing you to see your baby for the first time.

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This package is well suited to patients who need more flexible maternity care, or may require a one off emergency scan or Harmony test, while some patients dovetail additional scans within their NHS care for additional reassurance during their pregnancy.Thanks to the following individuals for their specialist contribution: Nick Cooper, Project Finds Officer; Dr Jo Appleby, Project Osteologist; Jill Atherton, archaeological illustrator (friary reconstructions); Allison Brough, East Midlands Forensic Pathology Unit; Jen Browning, animal bone specialist; Richard Earp, Department of Engineering; Dr.Jackie Hall, architectural fragments specialist; Professor Sarah Hainsworth, Department of Engineering; Derek Hamilton, radiocarbon dating (SUERC); Dr Russell Harris, Loughborough University (3D printing); Elizabeth Johnson, Roman pottery specialist; Dr Turi King, Project Geneticist; Dr Piers Mitchell, University of Cambridge; Professor Bruno Morgan, University Imaging Unit; Anita Radini, environmental specialist; Christopher Ramsey, radiocarbon dating (ORAU); Susan Ripper, archaeological illustrator (architectural fragments); Claire Robinson, Forensic Pathology Unit (CT scanning); Professor Guy Rutty, Forensic Pathology Unit; Debbie Sawday, medieval pottery specialist; Kevin Schurer, Project Genealogist; David Thompson, Loughborough University (3D printing); Robert Woosnam-Savage, Project Weapons Expert (Royal Armouries). for their editorial comments, and to Deirdre O’Sullivan and Dr Glyn Coppack for their expertise on medieval friaries; also Professor Norman Housley, medieval history; Dr Sarah Knight, medieval & Tudor English literature; Dr Mary Ann Lund, medieval & Tudor English literature for their expertise; and Jo Buckberry, Biological Anthropology Research Centre, Bradford, for allowing access to the Towton skeletons.metal detector); and additional help from Phillipa Langley and Karen Labniuk of the Richard III Society.The archaeological desk-based assessment was written by Leon Hunt; the GPR survey was carried out by Claire Graham and Robbie Austrums of Stratascan Ltd; finds processing was carried out by Nick Cooper with the aid of Heidi Addison and Pauline Houghton (vol.); and this report was written by Mathew Morris.

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