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And there's a little misunderstanding and Stella says I don't want to do this anymore.

So they already end up breaking up in the first episode.

She was in the Disney Channel Games 2008 on the green team.

premiering on Disney Channel this Sunday at p.m., J-14 hung out with Chelsea Staub and got all the scoop on what's up with Joe and Stella's relationship -- plus the details on Chelsea's real-life love drama! We also have amazing guest stars, a lot of all-new music, new romance, and a continuous storyline!

In 2007, Kane starred in her first theatrical film role as Meredith Baxter Dimly, in the film Bratz, playing the film's antagonist.

She also performed two of the songs on the film's soundtrack.

If you could have one guest star on the show, who would it be? " And the coolest part about working on a show with an amazing art department is that they actually built me a wraparound bar in my dressing room. Seriously, the dance would be over and I'm gasping for air like, Did it happen? CK: You'll never see like the "Chelsea Kane" self-titled album (laughs). " So I think a lot of people are like, "Wait, I'm confused — are you Chelsea Staub? " But for me, I like it because it just feels more like me. It was a weird transition and kind of crazy, but I'm glad I did it.

For me so much of it was muscle memory, and completely nerve-racking. I love it, I've been super lucky in the sense that I keep getting roles that require singing and I grew up doing musical theater, so I don't mind it. Is there a dream play or musical you'd ever want to be a part of? There's so much comedy there that I think would be fun to play — and, their dresses! And now that it's sinking in, it just feels more like me.20.

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