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Ask Susan Lacke, a vegan runner/blogger who set out to prove she could do a triathlon just as easily as any muscle-bound dude. But by following a stringent training routine, Lacke emerged victorious after her first triathlon and she swore it wouldn't be her last! Follow her advice: If you've got the resources, you can hire a coach to teach you and monitor your form, and because you pay them to make your life miserable, there's a better-than-average chance you will follow their advice and instructions to the letter. To be properly equipped for an IRONMAN, you are going to have to make sure you have the resources to undertake your training, which could mean spending some bucks.

She refused to be intimidated, even when competitors made fun of her “No Meat Athlete” t-shirt. You'll need access to a pool, a racing bike and trails or track that aren't necessarily crowded with others.

Yellow is a 'Stop-and-Go' time penalty, blue is a 5-minute addition to your overall time, and red is disqualification.

This is likely to change in the near future as IRONMAN Endurance Asia has decided to set up their headquarters in Singapore, with plans to bring IRONMAN events back to our island.An Ironman is the hardest one-day endurance race in the entire world, covering a staggering 140 miles from start to finish.Athletes begin with a 2.4 mile swim – sometimes an open ocean swim like the Ironman World Championships this weekend in Kona, Hawaii; sometimes a lake or river swim as in Switzerland and Austria.Held in Kailua-Kona, the world championship has been held annually in Hawaii since 1978 (with an additional race in 1982) and is preceded by a series of qualifying Ironman events.The Ironman World Championship has become known for its grueling length, harsh race conditions, and Emmy Award-winning television coverage.

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