Dating a pisces girl what is the difference between dating and seeing someone

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Like the serpent that bites its own tail, an iconic spiritual symbol that defines the endlessness of spiritual life, Pisces signifies a beginning and a middle as much as it marks the end.A mutable water sign, Pisces is emotional and changeable. But there are some traits that are so common in people that it’s hard to differentiate. They make a lot of sense when it comes to generalising some cardinal traits. Pisceans are happy people who believe in happy lives.If you’re dating a Pisces then you have definitely come across these: Remember, as their sign suggests, they’re just like a fish that sometimes gets lost in it’s imaginative world of creativity and happiness. And sometimes when things aren’t going well, they tend to go into their nutshells – away from the pain and the suffering.

In fact, that vision thing of his, that crystal ball into what will be, is simultaneously the most enchanting and the most frustrating thing about him.

Pisces are dreamers and realists at once, which is not a contradiction in Pisces’ world.

They need creative outlets to feed their imaginative side, which could be something artistic such as painting, anything social and thought-provoking such as a book club, or even as complex as putting together an elaborate network that fills their home with mood-setting music.

They love to entertain and will often fill their home with friends and family.

Catching the Fish Someone who gets the way a Pisces thinks, or has similar beliefs, will definitely catch their attention.

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