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You try being in our (hand-me-down) shoes for a day and see how it feels to have to work for EVERYTHING. We were never spoiled like our younger sibling, but we never got the responsibility of the oldest. Everything the older sibling did was considered “amazing,” “mesmerizing” and “fantastic.”As a middle child, you're just lucky if Mom remembered to sign you up for ballet class, let alone came to the recitals.You're used to rolling your eyes every time your older sibling is praised and you're overshadowed.Experts have all kinds of relationship advice to help you find eternal bliss with that special someone. Plenty of research studies are available stating that your personality is shaped by the order in which you were born into your family.But this Valentine's Day, let's take a look at relationship compatibility according to …… Now, this is all very general (and doesn't take adoptions, step children and other factors that can change the birth order into account), but it does offer a basic rule of thumb that could probably describe a good portion of the population: First Borns: Energetic, Logical, Ambitious, Enterprising, Scholarly.

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Another factor making an exception to the “Middle Child Syndrome” is if the middle child has any type of disability.You're always grounded, because your mom and dad used you to “make an example.” You're used to being the annoying “problem child.”All middle children are well aware that it is our lot in life to receive the short end of the proverbial stick. We're regularly the butt of every joke, and our siblings like to gang up on us. Though most people think that middle children are actually followers, we're actually leaders. We get along with all kinds of people, so we have friends from all walks of life.No matter the situation, we're used to things not going our way. We don't crumble under pressure (like the baby of the family), nor are we prone to getting a big head (like our older siblings). Yeah, Jan, you know Marsha was just an as*hole.“Wow! When you're constantly dealing with an older sibling who's being a jerk and a younger sibling who's a pain the a*s, you learn how to handle your sh*t. You better know who you are and what you stand for really quickly when you're stuck in the middle seat.One theory about this is that a middle child learns early on that they need to be vocal in order to be heard among their other siblings, as well as being flexible, as they are often carted around to older siblings’ activities and on hold for a younger child’s needs.The Exceptions There are a few exceptions to the effect of being a middle child. If your middle child is a different gender than the older and younger siblings, the “Middle Child Syndrome” does not typically affect them at all.

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