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He’s all about individual responsibility but he just isn’t, metaphorically, into wearing protection.

This is the part where you collect your shoes and bag and GTFO.

Rake said her profile picture suggested she was into drugs.

It seems there has been a debate recently in Libertarian Land regarding the male/female ratio of the libertarian population.

One participant was Sweet Young Thing Julie Borowski, as mentioned in the comments to an earlier post (thanks, anon!

), an ambitious young libertarian who has supped delicately at the Koch teat for some time, finally ending up at the Koch-supported Freedomworks. ), she presumably understands the nature of her job but her enthusiasm for the specialness of her political group sees to carry her past this little road bump in her idealism's path.) Borowski told her viewers that few women are libertarians because women are passive and submissive.

In the 1940s, Leonard Read began calling himself “libertarian” to contrast with “classical liberal”.

A year-and-a-half ago, several Monroe County, TN police departments set up an elaborate drug sting to take down what the police perceived to be known drug dealers in the area.

Rake said she “asked me to come sell her pills” something he found strange because he said she didn’t even know him.“I was on a dating website called Meet Me,” an app on his smartphone he explains he used to meet new friends.There was a girl on there, “that talked to me first,” he said intimating she had an interest in him.They are billing themselves as the candidates with rational answers to America’s emotionally fraught tangle of economic and social problems. Ryan admits that Ayn Rand’s work was a foundation of his political beliefs.altcoins Anarchism Anarchy banking Bitcoin book club books bookworms btc Business Christopher Cantwell classical liberalism Community cryptocurrency Economics education Entrepreneurship ethics fascism federal reserve Feminism fiction Freedom Free Speech gold government history home based immigration Income Inflation internet interventionism investing Jeffrey Tucker jury jury nullification law laws Libertarian libertarianism liberty Liberty Links marketing mining mises money music NAP Parenting Philosophy police politics privacy property property rights Psychology regulations religion revolution rick rule science security self defense silver socialism State Statism suggestions taxes Top 10 travel troubleshooting violence voluntaryism voting war Wealth Writing It actually might work out but you will definitely need to change his Marxist view on class and ‘exploitation’.

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