Dating a ibanez ts808

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There were previous Ibanez pedals labeled ”overdrive”, but the TS-808 was the first time we saw this particular circuit.

For many of us, the final evolution of the distortion pedal. In the beginning was the germanium English, then any buzzing silicon mosquitoes, followed by diode fueled distortion from the US, and last the Nippon diode op amp silicon complicated overdrive.Parameters are so numerous that any mathematical model will be wrong somehow.Distortion boxes are not different, because human ears, like human taste, are a very precise mechanism that can perceive very small differences in the final resulting tone.Almost all of the TS-808s used either the JRC4558D or the Texas Instruments RC4558P op-amp. The pots are different from the ones in the later pedals (they are the open design, rather than enclosed), but aside from those you could easily turn a (far cheaper) TS-9 into an 808.These pedals are very expensive these days, unless you come across one at a garage sale of course.

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