Dating a girl with absent father

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Doing that exercise was the first time I saw my father as a real person I understood, felt connected to, had compassion for, and loved beyond reason. An older cousin once told me that my dad, while he was nice enough, should never have had children. The impact of those words connected like a sucker punch on my blind side and did a lot of damage to the relationship I’d been trying to build (or reconcile myself to) as I grew up.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Oedipus complex; the somewhat creepy theory advocated by the much touted Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud that every man secretly wants to kill his dad and have sex with his mother (yikes).This is caused by an absent father or a toxic relationship with a father or father figure, and leads her to seek attention from other usually much older men.Aggressive flirtation, promiscuity, a tendency toward exhibitionism, and certain emotional issues are all tenets of what is now not-so-fondly termed the ‘daddy complex’. I do know women who sexually seek out men 20 plus years older than them because they are most definitely compensating for lack of a father figure.I am a woman and the middle child squeezed between two brothers. There were a lot of shows on television at the time about perfect families like "Father Knows Best" and "Leave it to Beaver" that idealized what families of the day looked like.We lived in a very nice middle class neighborhood in a ranch style home.

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