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A coming of age comedy/drama for the post hip hop generation.

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] with a ladder and a red dot Slide up on them niggas ask them niggas what their bread bout Nigga where that bread at Make them niggas cash out Soon as them niggas pass off we back off and stamp out I mean I be on a cash route Get it on a fast route Get it then we mash out Ask me what my past bout Big twenties the pass out Fucking with them bitches tipped them brought my whole stash out I hit my nect up he be like what now I be like six points he be like touch down We head hunting you should duck down Or get bucked down when we bust around [Hook: Meek Mill] (x2) [Verse 3: Mike Tucker] Well I'm the dope boy Wearing Gucci and that Louie boy Money up to here but unemployed Still selling them squares so my pockets getting bigger "Are you really that nigga that count it?He's a straight-A student with perfect SAT scores and seems to have everything under control - despite a few bullies - until he finds himself taking a chance invitation to a drug dealer's birthday party along with his two best friends.From there, he's taken on a crazy adventure littered with bad choice after bad choice, all the while juggling college applications and interviews that will surely determine his future.Lyrically it talks about substance abuse and the yearning for a long lost love.This is the front cover for the single "Doe Boy Fresh" by the artist Three 6 Mafia.

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