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Every man has a different taste and while I am convinced that the vast majority of men prefer feminine women, you might be an exception. After you have read this article you will know exactly how to find the bulldozer of your dreams.Then this article from my colleague David Wygant might open your eyes (or inspire you to leave hate comment number 247).Ogi Ogas, in his bestselling book Study after study has demonstrated the erotic appeal of male dominance.

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On the other hand, women associate very masculine faces with negative traits such as coldness and dishonesty.

The Alpha female—she’s assertive, driven, passionate and purposeful.

She’s self-confident and demands respect, and while her attributes make her a great leader, she is often seen as “too-assertive” or too intimidating to date.

And talk about an upbeat attitude, often times you see her encouraging and joking with her fans.

With all these great things going for her, she's often questioned about why she doesn't have a boyfriend. They're so independent that they're often times more alpha than the men they might be interested in. Miss Rousey, like many women, works in a male-dominated industry where the testosterone heavy atmosphere makes it difficult to feel feminine. Modern men have emotional intelligence and a willingness to talk about feelings.

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