Dating a dental student etiquette of dating multiple people

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THREE MORE DAYS until I can say I’m officially 25% a dentist. It has been over a month and a half since my last post, and this is not necessarily a normal length update, but rather a snippet of me saying I’ve missed this blog and that I promise this summer I will have time to catch up on so much from this semester.I think I haven’t written in so long because at the end of most days when my head longs to hit the pillow, my brain and heart both seem as though they might just pop any minute.That is part of why I do love the outlet of blogging: to get those words and thoughts OUT.Believe it or not, you might get your treatment done wholly for free.

I will be in Philadelphia most of the summer working a community health type of internship but with a lot more time off NOT STUDYING nights and weekends, so I know that consistently blogging again is definitely on the summer bucket list.

Even with our NOT THAT FASHIONABLE scrubs, we ranked #11!

Real Estate Agent Dental hygiene ranked #11, this is pretty amazing!

Nevertheless, the real reason behind this is that their major is tough and they just need to fully concentrate; they hardly get along with people and thus ensuring their sincerity towards you.

Furthermore, they have no time to flirt; their clinic appointments are much more important than just finding someone else to cheat on you with! In the future, they will definitely give you discounts for being their patient.

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