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to do careful political control of an individual or a party’s messaging, aka propaganda. One of Edward Snowden’s more shocking revelations was not that the NSA had begun using A. to augment its cyber-defenses (that should have been assumed), but that it was used its new A.

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n the last ten years, artificial intelligence has changed the world in subtle but sweeping ways, but it’s got nothing on the coming decade, if you look at what’s being developed today. Distributed “botnets” designed to attack and harass over the internet are nothing new, but the autonomous propaganda efforts of actors all over the world are starting to truly come into their own. The Monster Mind platform can take retaliatory action against the world’s many hackers, an ability that Snowden has called the worst thing he saw in his time at NSA.

Seems like I can switch picture profiles during recording mode, pretty useful... 326473-A7s-Picture-Profiles-And-What-They-Do PP1: Example setting using [Movie] gamma PP2: Example setting using [Still] gamma PP3: Example setting of natural color tone using the [ITU709] gamma PP4: Example setting of a color tone faithful to the ITU709 standard PP5: Example setting using [Cine1] gamma PP6: Example setting using [Cine2] gamma PP7: Example setting using [S-Log2] gamma The profiles of the RX100 are a bit different anyway my understanding is PP3/PP4 profiles for video, first to be used directly second to be used in post processing PP5/PP6 profiles for cinema as above first direct use, second post processing If my understanding is correct the PP4 and PP6 will have higher minimum ISO could be something like 400 or 800.

H-Serie empfiehlt sich als kompakte Megazoom-Kamera mit verbesserten technischen Leistungen und innovativen Automatik-Funktionen.

The RX100 have in general 11 Ev of dynamic range at base ISO on screen in normal conditions.

I believe Slog-2 is not really for me, but you can connect an external recorder to the RX100 and then use high bitrate prores or even cinema DNG where your SLOG2 profile would make more sense As you are playing with it what is your understanding of the differences between PP4 and PP5 ITU709 and [ITU709] and cine1 and cine2?

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