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As fascinating as the underlying activity is, when you make it sound like your life revolves around it, it automatically makes you sound less interesting to many, if not most, of the readers of your profile. Don’t Be Afraid to Use an Abstract Term for your Username Such usernames as “primitivelogic”, “invinitehorizon”, “originunknown” “appletart”, or “3_olives” or any other abstract words that come from astronomy, biology, geography, philosophy or even the kitchen might not be the most intriguing usernames out there, but they also doesn’t hurt your profile and don’t make you sound lame.A somewhat unclear or mysterious username would also make the reader of your profile want to find out why you chose that kind of username.

There are many amusing usernames for guys and girls that you can make use of in such a scenario.When a website asks a user to come up with a username before registering with them, things begin to get wacky.Here are some funny usernames for you, that may or may not tickle your funny bone. Generate name ideas, get name suggestions, hold username contests.Every dating site requires you to have a username to distinguish you from all the other daters on the site. NEW for 2015: Click Here for 50 Advanced Dating Username Examples that Women Find Irresistible. Just take a look on any dating website for yourself and you'll see. Just look at this guy – Lover Boy69 – he's cute but that name… A dating site moderator offers tips for finding love online. L here and ready to bring you the scoop from the internet dating websites. I may be , but I’m as immature and judgmental as ever.

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