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Some of the most difficult issues to avoid or debug when you first start building i OS applications are those dealing with view layout and content.

Often, these issues happen because of misconceptions about when view updates actually occur.

It essentially executes the run loop by interpreting input events from the user and calling the corresponding handlers for that input in the application’s core objects.

The typical pattern I follow for sending the request to the server and getting notified when done is to call a method that will dispatch the URL request to a background queue then dispatch to the main queue to call a block when complete. When done, call the callback block on the main thread.Since alloc can't know which one we'd like, it leaves the call to us.Every object has a version of init that acts as the 'master' init - the one we must call when we make that object.The starter project for this application includes the basic user interface and some of the more mundane code you’ll need to get you started.As with part 1, you’ll need to use Cocoa Pods to obtain the Reactive Cocoa framework and integrate it with your project.

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