Caucasian men dating pakistani women

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Unless you desire children, there doesn't seem to be many compelling reasons to marry.The past 10 days have been very eventful for me – no, scratch that- they have been momentous; I received some excellent news about my future, went on a wonderful business trip to the sunny state of California, and yesterday my (foreigner) best friend asked me to marry him. I am a Pakistani-American and he is a born and bred Caucasian American. Each of those things represents a lot of differences.It seems to me people are very judgemental of me because I wear hijab and I am with a white man.It is constant stares from people that I can't stand. I dress modestly, hijab and jilbab, when I am on my own people are friendly, when they see me with my husband then they become judgemental. The funny thing about being in an interracial relationship is that in a world where everyone is always talking about race, that’s the last thing on my mind when I’m with C. C and I come from totally different worlds– two worlds that, when we are together don’t matter much, but when we step out of our little bubble, is swarming around us. Keeping that in mind, race tends to rear its head in almost all other situations.

Among the many flawed ideas in this article, I think the first is that marriage is a true measure of social acceptance and is the goal of all single people.Economic and social transformation has changed the traditional male and female dynamics.Being married doesn't necessarily mean you are happy with your social or even your sex life.Assalam Alaikum Dear brothers and sisters I am a Pakistani Muslim woman who has married a white convert.But people are making my life a misery with the constant judgmental looks and comments.

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