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Although the Greek appears to be a loan translation of the Hebrew phrase avodat elilim, which is attested in rabbinic literature (e.g., b Chul., 13b, Bar.), the Greek term itself is not found in the Septuagint, Philo, Josephus, or in other Hellenistic Jewish writings.

The original term used in early rabbinic writings is oved avodah zarah (AAZ, worship of avoda zara, or "pagan"), while avodat kochavim umazalot (AKUM, worship of planets and constellations) is not found in its early manuscripts.

They’re only after eyes, likes, and shares, (and I don’t know that they deny it) so why, OH WHY do we fall for this every. Louis, respectively, and recognized defender of more traditional practices within the Church, gave an exclusive interview recently to a website dedicated to fostering the growth and strength of Catholic men–the New Emangelization. What happened next, to quote my wife: “Catholic figurehead says something. Internet explodes.” What people who haven’t read the full text of his interview have heard from the secular media, basically, is this: that’s what he said, and it was in the proper context, and there’s no way that what he said was misunderstood, there would be a lot of cause for concern about Cardinal Burke being a public figure. What the media wrote, because of their apparent ill feelings towards anyone seen as conservative or traditional in the Catholic sense, was possibility for what he said to be misunderstood by people who don’t think critically about his words.

For starters, Cardinal Burke was answering questions and talking specifically about the plight of Catholic laymen in today’s society to a guy who runs a Catholic men’s website.

What did the potato say when it answered the phone ?

My decision to become a Hindu was a missed steak Q: Did you hear about the winner of the India beauty contest?

A: Patels Q: What do you call a Hindu man that has done everything?

not priests, bishops, deacons, etc.) exiting the Catholic Church in the last few generations, and many other things that have contributed to a general underdevelopment of Catholic lay men over the past several decades.His Hiding Place is Darkness explores the uncertainties of faith and love in a pluralistic age.In keeping with his conviction that studying multiple religious traditions intensifies rather than attenuates religious devotion, Francis Clooney's latest work of comparative theology seeks a way beyond today's religious and interreligious uncertainty by pairing a fresh reading of the absence of the beloved in the Biblical Song of Songs with a pioneering study of the same theme in the Holy Word of Mouth (9th century CE), a classic of Hindu mystical poetry rarely studied in the West. is Parkman Professor of Divinity and Professor of Comparative Theology at the Harvard Divinity School, where he also directs the Center for the Study of World Religions.Clooney takes his comparative work in exciting new directions.The book marks a continuation of Clooney's significant contributions toward developing comparative theology as a robust and active subfield in religious studies, and Clooney's extended exposition on the theme of 'divine absence' across two texts from the Christian and Hindu traditions is his most intensely personal and remarkably poetic work to date. Ultimately, Clooney offers a compelling comparative reading of the Song of Songs and the Tiruvaymoli based on his own finely-honed interpretive abilities as well as insights from the commentarial tradition of each text. This book marks an important point in Clooney's own 'continuous forward striving' as an accomplished scholar and writer, and it is one that should be taken seriously by scholars in a variety of subfields across religious studies and especially by scholars in comparative theology."—Jason W.

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