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And, voila — please do sound the gongs — men and women are different.

- insertion of penis, sex toy or fingers into the anus.

Struggling or not, it’s surprising that we currently have so few female entrepreneurs on TV.

The lack of female entrepreneurs on television now suggests that men, not women, take care of business.

And additional research by the travel association Abta suggests that more than half of UK holidaymakers (51 per cent) going abroad last year booked a package.

Compare that with 2008 (when the proportion of us choosing the option had slumped to just 37 per cent) and it seems that, as it celebrates its 65th birthday, the British package holiday is looking not so much at retirement as renaissance.

called “I’ll Be Your Meyer Lansky,” Michelle (Sutton Foster) and her mother-in-law Fanny (Kelly Bishop) co-own a dance studio but have run into money problems. However, Michelle discovers that she needs a high- school diploma to enroll in business classes, and she’s short a few credits. In real life, women-owned businesses grew by 20 percent from 19.

Struggling to brainstorm new ways of generating revenue, Michelle says to Fanny, “It’s like you’re Lucky Luciano, and I’m Bugsy Siegel. ” After meeting with their financial adviser, who presented them with more questions than solutions, Michelle decides that she’ll take some business classes and become their operations wiz. Sadly, the jump in female entrepreneurs hasn’t been reflected on TV, which sends a dangerously inaccurate message to young female viewers.

In the ’80s, we had ’s OB/GYN and medical-practice co-owner Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling).Now, however, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that the death of the package has been greatly exaggerated.Figures – released, as luck would have it, on the 65th anniversary of the first Mediterranean package holiday – have shown that the number of Britons taking package holidays abroad is rising again, from 15.3 million in 2013 to 15.9 million last year.The great British all-inclusive flights-and-accommodation package holiday – first pioneered in the Mediterranean in 1950 – was, we were told, being killed off by the budget airline and the internet; both tempting us to find our own cheap fares and board without needing a tour operator.A smidgen of snobbery from the independent traveller crowd, a healthy dose of revulsion at boozed-up Brits abroad, and an unmourned demise was guaranteed.

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