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Cardiac output (CO) is the volume of blood pumped out to the body by the LV.

It is a measurement of unit of blood per unit of time, usually expressed in liters per minute.

Although the annual number of CVD deaths has declined steadily in men since 1979, deaths among women are on the rise.

There is still the misperception that CVD is of more concern for men than for women.

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This chat is also moderated so please behave appropriately so that you don't end up getting banned or kicked out of the chat room.Ejection fraction (%) = [ED (net) – ES (net)] ÷ ED x 100 Counts detected in the LV are proportional to volume, and the change from end-systolic counts (ESC) to end-diastolic counts (EDC) of the LV can be used for the calculation of left ventricular ejection fraction.The normal range for the left ventricle is 50-75%, the right side is about 45%.There are IRC standards, room standards, internet standards, political standards, and room owner standards to understand and abide by.Much of this comes from standard IRC chat rules and guidelines developed over the years by other chat operations.

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