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Gentry not only presents and defends his side with hard exegetical evidence, but also takes the time to present other views and then explains, using this same method, why they are not true. as well as demonstrating that the majority of Revelation, all of the Olivet Discourse and the 70 weeks passage in Daniel was fulfilled in the destruction of the Temple by the Romans. Gentry shows that, as should always be the case, that prophecy is easier to understand after it has been fulfilled than before.The external evidence is shown to be very much inconclusive, contrary to so much late-date rhetoric.Most importantly, concerning the external evidence, Dr.Gentry deals extensively with Ireneus and his famous statement, which statement is supposed by many to settle the date question once and for all.Secret Info or use this handy sign-up form: Just email me at [email protected] you have any difficulty.

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At the same time, if the works of Tacitus are found referred to in other documents, this may be taken as evidence for the date of Tacitus' works, in accordance with the dates of the works quoted.

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The emperors from Julius Caesar through Claudius never heard of Christians.

The first emperor to persecute Christians was Nero to whom Paul appealed his conviction.

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