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Much has been made recently that Todd Kohlhepp is the guy in the Superbike composite, the guy who was pretending to be a customer - in the words of Sheriff Chuck Wright - who was checking out a motorcycle just a little over an hour before the murders went down.

Let's ignore for now that Sheriff Wright claimed that not only was the man in the composite a person-of-interest in the Superbike murders (and I think he should be as he cannot be totally eliminated as a suspect) but that Wright actually claimed he WAS the Superbike killer: When asked if the sketch of a white man with dark brown, feathered hair is a person of interest or suspect in a 2003 quadruple homicide in Chesnee, Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright held up the sketch and replied, "I'm going to be bold enough to say this is my man right here." Okay, there is zero evidence to support that the man in the composite had anything to do with the crime.

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The stalker had taken out suggestive, rape fantasy ads on Craigslist with Da Luise's photo, phone number and home address. The defense attorney states his client did not pay that. AM The youngish looking man that was speaking to Dube is Matthew A. I tell my reporter friend to contact her legal department as soon as possible. I see that Da Luise has her right hand on her face, her elbow resting on the arm of her chair. The defendant has two rights, three really and prelim may not be unduly (violated? Further, there would be the right of reasonableness.

This second letter is also interesting, and no doubt will have Putnam’s finest reaching for the bottle of Tums.

In fact the hot rumor is that Tums are in short supply in Palatka, the stores can not keep them on the shelves!

Da Luise who catered to celebrities and had been featured in several magazines, including Vanity Fair, was arrested March 5th by the LA County Sheriff's Fraud & Cyber Crimes Bureau. I note there are some beautiful tall wood file cabinets against the wall right beside the jury box, with a few plants on top. I'm not acting as a licensing agency..." I believe Judge Windham continues, "...

She's charged with 'murder for hire' of Gabriel Suarez, a competitor who in 2013, opened up his skin care business, "Smooth Cheeks" in the same building (8543 Santa Monica Blvd.) as Da Luise. The defense and people state their names for the record. The California State flag and US flag are on poles on each side the State of California seal. King filed a motion on revoking the defendant's license to practice.

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