Blackberry calendar appointments not updating with outlook

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We're using Outlook 2003 and running BES 4.1 Many Thanks Search for one way calendar sync - there is a suggested fix in that thread We had the same issue with most of our users - the permissions (I think that is in the one way calendar sync thread) were set correctly but the other fix has to do with the files on the BES and Exchange - once I got the server guys to make them match up we were good.

I'm having similar trouble, everything syncs up, contacts, notes, emails - except calendar won't sync at all.

This issue has been reported in organizations with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook (2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013), Apple i Phones/i Pads/i Pods, Active Sync devices, Apple Macs running Entourage or Outlook 2011, and RIM Blackberries.

For more information see: Exchange Outlook Calendaring Problems.

Personal Black Berry devices are not allowed on the Black Berry Enterprise Server (BES) and thus cannot be synched with your Exchange. Option one is through the Black Berry device To setup your cyrus email on a Black Berry device go to go Setup Email Settings and click Move to transfer the email settings to the new device. Option two is through the Black Berry Internet Service website Click on your carrier's BIS account page and setup an account using your device's IMEI or ESN and PIN number. Each account will populate an individual email icon on your Black Berry.

To synchronize your Black Berry with your Exchange account (Outlook) the device and line must be supported by CUIT. There are two ways to setup your cyrus email on a Black Berry 1.

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You should see an error message stating "No applications configured for synchronization" if you haven't already set anything to sync.The Black Berry 10 calendar continues the tradition of being powerfully practical and easy to use.Thanks to a handful of acquisitions, Black Berry's calendar is now more social-powered than ever, plus there are a few new subtle touches that will be refreshing to those that have lived by the Black Berry calendar for years already. Calendar colors can be changed by swiping down from the top of the Calendar app, tapping Settings, and choosing Calendar Colors. Your upcoming calendar items are tucked above the messages in the Hub, just scroll up. Calendar appointments can be created from the Hub by long-pressing a message and selecting Invite to Meeting.If you received a replacement Black Berry log in, and update your device. How do I configure my Black Berry for calendar and contacts?If you are an Exchange user and your Black Berry was configured through BES your calendar and contacts are already setup to sync. How do I configure my Black Berry for calendar and contacts?

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