Bill maher on dating women

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READ: Ice Cube Will Reportedly Talk To Bill Maher About N-Word Comments “Just use another word the next time.

Bill Maher was spotted splashing it up in the ocean during a romantic Hawaiian vacay with his current boo, singer Anjulie Persaud.

You get married, and every night, it's the same sex.” ― Bill Maher, “There's an old, frequently-used definition of insanity, which is "performing the same action over and over, expecting different results."... And in my professional opinion, George Bush is a paranoid schizophrenic. Other symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia are: Do you see things that aren't there? Do you - do you feel things that you shouldn't be feeling, like a sense of accomplishment? There are a large number of people out there also suffering from the same delusions, because there are Republicans, there are conservatives, and then there are the Bushies.

Do you have trouble organizing words into a coherent sentence? Like, oh, I don't know, your imaginary friend, Jesus? This is the 29 percent of Americans who still think he's doing "a heck of a job, Whitey." And I don't believe that it's coincidence that almost the same number of Americans - 25 percent - told a recent pollster that they believe that this year - this year, 2007 - would bring the Second Coming of Christ! Because, if you think that you're going to meet Jesus before they cancel "Ugly Betty," then you're used to doing things by faith.

No court has extended the equal protection clause to salmon.

And for the record, all marriages are “same sex” marriages.

Under the guise of being a liberal comedian, he has managed to build for himself an ultra-successful career predicated on being a massive dick. And when it doesn’t work, they bring out the sarcasm.”6.Bill Maher girlfriend stated that in order to be with him she had to quit her job as a flight attendant and occasional model, so she lost all of her income because of Bill. It shouldn't be a bragging point that "Oh, I don't get involved in politics," as if that makes you somehow cleaner. Liars and panderers in government would have a much harder time of it if so many people didn't insist on their right to remain ignorant and blindly agreeable.” ― Bill Maher, “New Rule: Gay marriage won't lead to dog marriage.You know who you are: You broke Bill Maher's heart. It was sophomore year at Pascack Hills High School, and the awkward kid from River Vale was on top of the world. He was half-nerd (who ranked seventh in a class of 400-plus students), half-class-clown (whose a-little-too-edgy standup act forced the termination of the long-running school talent show). He recently referred to his high school years this way: "I was kind of a loser, certainly socially. And you can't get mad at the boss or be in a bad mood for eight hours.He was trying to fit in, like every high school kid, and he had a girlfriend — that bulletproof vest for the male ego against the social ammunition of the painful teen years. "Raising kids is tough, but you can tell them to 'Shut the (heck) up, I'm going to watch this soap opera. In a 25-minute interview, Maher touched on several Jersey topics, like the governor ("He's great for material. I'm going to look in my files and see how bad it was.

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