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From this assessment she begins to devise a plan by exploring what her client's true passions are and what career opportunities may match up with those passions.The published essay "The Vocational Coach" describes most clients as being at or over the age of 40, a critical age when working individuals start to realize that retirement is getting closer by the minute.The coach often has been in a situation where he found his own job situation to be bleak and decided it was high time for a change of direction.A vocational coach assesses her clients' current jobs, what they want to do and what their personal strengths are.Lifestyle consultants use their expertise to provide their clients honest advice that can do everything from save them time to help them boost their reputations. Take inventory of your work experience, education, hobbies and interests to uncover what makes you feel most passionate.You may discover that you like helping people prepare for dates or that you enjoy helping friends and family plan dinner [email protected] YORK 212-444-1636 LONDON 020-8133-1835 Please send news tips to [email protected]_________________ Online Personals Watch (est. to help start a community aerial photography company in Pennsylvania in 1991.

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morsels that I’ve come across during my last 5 years as an online dating consultant. So many that in 2011 I actually made a website dedicated entirely to those terrible messages: For the sake of my work, I’ve had to try out literally hundreds of dating sites and apps. Other times, it makes me want to repeatedly bash my head against a wall...Make phone calls to local schools and community organizations or search the Internet yellow pages for private clients or not-for-profit centers that may be looking for a vocational coach.There are three qualitative requirements for a vocational coach: Be a good listener, have a genuine concern for the client and be able to offer sound advice that can meet the client's expectations.Use your findings to help you carve your niche in the lifestyle consulting industry, based on your interests and expertise. Create an outline of the target market you want to attract with your lifestyle consulting business.List details such as age, sex, geographic location, marital status, level of education, income, hobbies and interests.

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