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LOS ANGELES — The Lakers had no shortage of performance–based reasons to part ways with Byron Scott, but it was his handling of an all–important, all–too–familiar philosophical issue that ultimately left them no choice.Give Scott credit for this: He gave the world so much Kobe Bryant over the last six months that even the Black Mamba’s most insatiable fans had to leave satisfied.Travis, who plays Tyler Brennan, said on Twitter: "Never listen to rumours", whilst Andrew – who plays priest Jack Callahan – also had his say on Instagram.During a post praising the soap's big London episodes – due to air this week – Andrew said: "Oh and just to confirm, We had a screening of the London Episodes last week. I can not wait for you to see the incredible performances and your reactions to the journey you will be taken on! Oh and just to confirm, Neighbours isn't going anywhere!Since his discovery on 19 December 1991 by German hikers, Ӧtzi has provided window into early human history.

At this point when he gets your messages, he will not associate your name with fun memories and sexy times. Send him an email saying, Looking over my letters to you I realize I was being a little needy and demanding. I didn’t really understand how hard you were working and I took it personally. Now I totally understand and I want to thank you for your patience.

Tuscany is hundreds of miles away from the Alps where Otzi was discovered, and it remains a mystery why it should come from so far away.

Researchers from the University of Padova have analysed the axe, which was found in the Otzal Mountains with the mummified remains of Otzi the iceman.

production company Fremantle Media Australia has spoken out about the show's future amid claims that it is facing the axe.

Rumours have been rife recently about the popular Aussie soap's future, following reports that it could be in danger of being dropped by Channel 5.claimed over the weekend that talks between the channel and production company Fremantle Media have hit a wall, adding that American company Viacom – who bought Channel 5 back in 2014 – aren't keen on renegotiating for the soap either.

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