Arin ray and normani hamilton dating

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In this article you will learn about the Normani Kordei, about her family, parents photos, age, height, sisters and boyfriend. Her family is mixture of African, American French and Indian Ancestry.

She loves her family because they never came between her personal and her professional life. She has great love and affection with her beloved parents and this is the reason that they also always support her.

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Normanimentions Beyonce as her idol or an inspiration. She used to improve her pitch of voice when she had nothing to do.

Normani had started performing since her age of three. She finished her higher education in her New Orleans.

Before coming to fame, she was involved in HBO television series Treme and reached the final of the Miss Texas competition before competing on the X Factor.

Normani Kordei is one of the most recognized singers and dancer of the current generation.

After finishing up third on the show Well, she certainly came a long way from that time as she recently participated in the country's top dance show.

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