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(And besides, Jessica said in her UStream chat that she is "married to music.") But their time together on this year's Idols Live Tour should be the best summer-romance experience two teen puppy-lovers could ever hope for.

Let's hope these two get to do a duet together before the tour is over!

Jessica didn’t hold back when it came to letting De Andre know exactly how she felt about him. But I’m still going strong,” she told Billy and Kit. It’s nothing like the actual TV show because we can actually relax and not look at each other as competition.

“I just wanted to be completely straight up with him and I wanted to tell him that I’ve had a crush on him,” she continued.

Entertainment publication Zap2it is reporting that the two “Idol” alumnus, who are currently on the “American Idol” summer tour revealed they are now an item over an Internet live stream on Friday.

fellow “Idol” Alumn De Andre Brackensick, who was also part of the top 10 last season.

"I got a secret and I want you guys to guess,” Sanchez on Twitter."He's my boyfriend, she added about Brackensick. Brackensick followed up on the news by Tweeting about his new love as well.

She was also unsure about the possibility of dating him.

“He actually had a girlfriend during the show, so I didn’t think he would actually want a relationship” Jessica explained.

Lovestruck couple Jessica Sanchez and De Andre Brackensick of the "American Idol" fame, are dating as they travel together in a nationwide concert tour as members of the Top 10 winners of the recently-concluded American Idol season 11 series.

After asking fans to guess her "secret", Sanchez finally admitted that she and the 17-year-old are a couple, saying: "He's my boyfriend. Yes Jessica is my girlfriend."Sanchez, 16, has signed a record deal with Interscope and is working on the release of an upcoming album.

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