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“For me, music was – is — life, and all my jobs have had to do with music.

That’s why I started at the radio station.” That was 1510 AM, a station in the Inland Empire now owned by the Dodgers.

In fact, it's never been my intention; I'd just like to find someone who will respect my religious and cultural traditions and, ideally, be open to learning about them and the role they play in my life. (Maybe I just want to stamp out discrimination one love match at a time. ) My parents have been together for almost four decades, being an inter-racial and inter-cultural couple themselves.

says, "I think when it comes to religion, if you are a devout believer in a very specific philosophy you should probably stick to zealots of the same stripe, it just avoids the eventual philosophical conflict and the big fight that ends in you discovering the other person doesn't actually respect your beliefs." I've dated other Jews before and it feels "safe." You don't need to worry about major clashes in religious beliefs, and you have been brought up learning common stories and legends. This also would likely lead to increased open-mindedness between family members and children.

“That point often is lost when people are trying to paint him with an ugly brush,” she writes.

“One of the concepts we came up with was that there had never been a black Bachelorette or Bachelor on that ABC franchise.

Only dating (and reproducing with) other Jews means that your babies will have a greater chance of having a genetic disorder.

Only dating other Jews means that you are not contributing to the diversity of our world (not that that's everyone's responsibility, but it would be nice). ) Then I thought, if one person is only open to another person from their specific religion or ethnic background, could that be considered discriminatory or racist? There are a lot of sites out there which target matches within the specified "us" group, such as,,,,, and so on.

They are still learning about each other after all this time.

This is like a dream come true for all single souls.

Black dating sites have become a meeting platform for singles, helping them in finding a date or marriage.

Prior to that, however, it was a Spanish language station where Urida spent four years before changing careers.

“I got into broadcasting school and they said I had to pick between Spanish and English, so I wasn’t sure, and I just went with Spanish,” Urida recalled.

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