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Earlier this month Indonesian police detained eight men in the city of Surabaya for allegedly holding a gay party, and they could also be charged under the anti-porn laws.Last week an Islamic court in Aceh also sentenced two men to be publicly caned for having gay sex, the first time such a punishment has been handed down for homosexual activities in the conservative province.Men are paying to have sex with something akin to a pinata. Sex tech and the interest in close encounters of the anthropomorphic kind are on the upswing, so much so that a counterbalance has developed: The Campaign Against Sex Robots equates sex robots with everything from “toxic masculinity” to “modern slavery.”Not that I am judging. Aside from “Westworld,” there were earlier pop culture explorations of man (usually) and machine.Joaquin Phoenix fell in love with his computer operating system, voiced by Scarlett Johansson, in the 2013 movie “Her.” It was hands-off, unlike 2015’s “Ex Machina,” in which a robot creator physically abuses his creation. " says Lawrence, re-creating the sound of knocking spacesuits. We had a good laugh about it, and we incorporated it into the movie.".Pratt says these highly technical scenes were shot in small sections and weren't fun. Right away, they had to overcome kiss-prohibiting spacesuits. Stranded together on a spaceship when their sleep pods malfunction, waking them up 90 years before they reach their destination, the characters make the best of a bad situation — grooving on a Dance Machine game and enjoying the ship's droid-manned restaurants, basketball court and gorgeous art deco bar."That portion was the most natural and fun," Pratt says.

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In Jakarta, the police distributed pictures of the gay men alongside their personal details to media, which, unsurprisingly, made them viral among social media and messengers users.In April, the police also raided an alleged “gay sex party” in a hotel room in Surabaya, arresting 14 men and forcing them to undergo HIV tests.A month before, two young men in Aceh were also arrested by a group of unidentified vigilantes for having same-sex relationships.Since Indonesia is a land of conspiracy theories, some might speculate that this raid was intended to divert public attention from a sex scandal involving the Islamic religious vigilante group leader Rizieq Shihab and the coordinator of Solidaritas Sahabat Cendana Foundation Firza Husein.However, this incident is not the only one of similar nature in the last few months.

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