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Usually by Russian dating sites people mean online services that list profiles of women from the former Soviet Union.

Typically, even the websites themselves promote women from ex-USSR as “Russian”, while in reality probably half of them are from Ukraine and other countries.

So, for the purposes of this review it will be a collective term uniting ladies from the former Soviet Union (FSU).

By the way, there were 15 republics in the former Soviet Union, which became independent states in 1991.

The Kings's Hall covered an area of 280 square meters.

The wall paintings and monumental clay sculptures were the works of a school of arts which could develop a particular Chorezmian style under the influence of Graceo-Bactrian art.

Toprak Kale is an excavated town dating back to the 1st to 5th cent.Stunning examples of Muslim art and architecture are not only limited to Southwest Asia.Central Asia is also brimming with various examples especially Uzbekistan, a landlocked state bordered by five countries.The King's Palace in the north western part of the town was built on an elevated base rising about 15 m above the rest of the town. In front of the palace was the temple area with the holy fire.The town was divided by streets into several districts with blocks of dwellings with 150 to 200 rooms.

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